Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interview with Rina

I ran into this girly when I was in San Diego blacked out drunk(see pic at bottom) at our after party for Munky King. Since I'm doing random interviews along with artists, galleries shit like that I gotta start somewhere. Plus she seems pretty coo. Let's see what happens

Wanna answer some questions for Fat Kid Falling?

Haha Fat Kid Falling? What the...alright I'll just answer for the hell of it

Favorite member of Wu-Tang alive or deceased? Raekwon or should i say ODB cus he's dead now and everybody's favorite is always the dead guy.

You probably would pee in the city pool, what about a shower? What if your friend got stung on the foot by a jellyfish? First pee question, I usually pee before i shower its a habit i don't know why i just don't do it! But if a friend got stung by a jellyfish HELL YEAH i would pee on their foot. I'd take any opportunity to pee on any of them!!! haha jk. =]

Eyecolor? My eye color, some brown shit color.

First off Fatso or Notso? Notsofatso.

Eye color,glasses contacts yay or nay? For me I have to wear glasses or contacts or else I'm blinder than blind.

If you were going to die today how would you wanna go? If i knew i was dying. I'd party have plenty of sex kill a few people drink some more and eventually knock out...then hopefully I'll die in my sleep haha.

Last type of food you would eat? Uhh...anything that has to do with the words shit or balls is out of my range.

Do you like graffiti? Sure didly do, I've lived part of my life with a lot of them but never took part I was too Girly? That was high-school shit though...way back when.

Do you like to travel if so where's your favorite spot and if you haven't been there where do you wanna go? I looove to travel so far the Bahamas is my favorite. It's so different from anywhere I've been. I was shit faced every single damn day. I'd like to go...to....Japan...or...believe it or not I haven't been to Hawaii I'd like to go there some day.

Are you married or are you still boning around town? Marriage is not my thing. don't go there with me I'll have a long story explaining why.

Any wild crazy cop stories for the kids? Never had an experience with cops ever. i always get away with everything.

Do you like skeetboarding on camelramps? Hahaha. All I've gotta say is WHAT THE FUCK!

Favorite toy growin up? For every twat who loved barbies growing up. SCISSORS were my favorite toy. I'd cut off every barbies hair off with my nifty scissors if i saw one! True story ask my sister about her barbies.

Favorite cartoons? Family guy has gone down the hill lately for me but i still watch reruns, but Simpsons is classic. I hate hate hate...stupid nickelodeon shit that kids watch these days though. SPONGEBOB?!!?!? Why the fuck is Patrick a pink star? GAY AS HELL.

Have you ever punched a bitch in her mouth? Give me a good reason and i'll do it. I haven't been scared my whole life of getting hit. Thats not to say I'm hardcore i just lack that fear. Just swing back..right?

What city do you live in? Do you like that shitty city? Fresno, CALIFORNIA!!! nobody here likes it but i love it. It's in the center of the state we're valley folks but I'm the same distance if i wanna travel down south or up north.

When I was little I was born like 10 pounds. I was a lil fatty. When you were little were you a FatKidFalling or do you just laugh at them now? Hahah i just laugh at them now. Thats so mean.

Im not too interesting as u can see. =]

Here's a link to your website below and thanks a shit load for your time,cheers! ;)---->2H

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