Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Slow Moving Vehicle Interview

I done interviewed Slow Moving Vehicle for you folk hu-hulk! Have funs with this hurrr.

Favorite color or colors?
Orange and brown

Dog or cat mayn?

Favorite Wu-Tang member dead or alive?
the Gza

Do you prefer BJ over mission position or doggie over choke out?
Nothing like a donkey punch

Favorite flavor of Kool-aid? Tropical Punch asian sensation? Burrito chiquito ho? Make your own flavor.
Chinesse burrito with spagetti

Is it a hard knock life? Do you have 99 problems and a bitch is one?

What really pisses you off in the morning?
My girlfriend hitting the snooze button 5 times before waking up and then not having sex with me.

Have you ever got the vageen using your art as a weapon against the opposite sex?
I'm sure once or 10 times

Wizard Dust, yay or nay?
Only on special occasions

What's your favorite neighborhood strip club?
My house

How much is the cover?
Ladies free before 9

Drink specials?

Where's your art headed lately?
In the closet with the rest of the crap

All the kids wanna know what kinda tools an crap you use, also they wanna prolly know how to get shows an that kinda obvious crap. Can you help em out with some inspiration?
No I'm selfish....the world doesn't need any more artist. Fuck you, pay me.

Got any upcoming shows or projects you wanna plug?
Alpha Cult next month

Lastly you wanna give any shouts outs to your posse round the way?
My cat Nia, Rocky, lil T, J Never, Jsun "the super korean", Pestr "Dirty Laundrt"One, Kwas B,and last but not least that dirty, skummy, dickhead 2H

Thanks mang!---->2H

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