Monday, September 22, 2008

Peekaboo Interview

So I asked my friend Peekaboo to answer some pop quiz quistions for the Falling Fat Kid aka the FFK. He kindly answered some so let's see what the ol chap had to say shall we! ARGH!

Interviewed by 2H

Okay here we go!!!

First off for the Ho's, Fatso or Notso?
notso...unless you talking about how we be smoking in southern cali cause that be fatso!

Favorite color after purple haha?
medium deep turquoise

Do you have a dog that is obsessed with balls?
yes! Genghis wont eat or think straight with balls dog

Favorite Wu-Tang member?
Big baby jesus!!!! rip!

Do you prefer BJ over mission position or doggie over choke out?
I like sloppy hj's

Favorite flavor of Kool-aid? Tropical Punch asian sensation? Burrito chiquita ho? Make your own flavor.
radical ruffie red........jk

Is it a hard knock life? Do you have 99 problems and a bitch is one?
Naw a bitch aint one! Many problems....not enough answers

What really pisses you off in the morning?
Genghis balls in my face.........

Have you ever got the vageen using your art as a weapon against the opposite sex?
You know I think foos think you get alot more from art then you really do hahahaha......I'd like to think i could pullem regardless.......I try not to use my art for all that......but I guess someone heard some girls at our mashup show say they wanted to flash me when I was crushing books........psssst all talk lol!

Wizard Dust, yay or nay?
Merlin can play some mean tricks on yo ass!!!! I stay away as much as possible!

What's your favorite neighborhood strip club?
Sams Hofbrau!!!! Downtown L.A.!!! 2H I know you be missing it homie!

How much is the cover? cover....this place is classssssy.....more like how much of your table will be covered in hoodrat booty!

Drink specials?
Monday and Tuesday 2$ Tecate! All night! Leave with change in yo pocket if the strippers dont get ya!!!

Where's your art headed lately?
Good question..............

All the kids wanna know what kinda tools an crap you use, also they wanna prolly know how to get shows an that kinda obvious crap. Can you help em out?

Well .....they always ask but i feel like i shouldn't tell cause it doesn't matter what you use to get the job done...not that its a secret...but i think half the fun is figuring out what works for you cause then its easier to make YOUR OWN STYLE!!!! i like looking at foos work and thinking of how I'd go about it to get the same result..... i use brushes and paint.........the rest is up to you!

What kinda wax do you use on your stash?
clubman wax........or earwax....j/k

Got any upcoming shows or projects you wanna plug?
I'll be crushing some shows in Hawaii late nov/dec!!! Lookout 808! and there is word of some shows in Spain next year..........other then that its day to day!!!! visit beyondthepocket. blogspot. com to peep new works

Lastly you wanna give any shouts outs to your posse round the way?
Big ups to Woebot Rockhopper, 179, 2H, Mainframe, the rest of the PFOMers, Munkyking, Genghis Kahn, Jack over at vinylpulse. com, solace, weirdo, Nerdcore and Big Palmetto for all your help and being the best manger a stoney ass artist could have! all you foos make it easier to do what i do everyday!!!!! keep killin em fam!

Thanks Peeks your the crewest!------>2H q@<_@*p

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